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“From Packer to Team Leader: Maria’s Success Story”

When Maria González moved from Valencia to the Netherlands five years ago, she could not have foreseen that she would evolve from a packer to a respected team leader in a large distribution center. Her story is an inspiring example of hard work and determination. Maria started as a packer, a role she took seriously. She learned quickly, showed initiative, and was always willing to go the extra mile. Her superiors noticed her efforts, and within two years, she was promoted to team leader. “The support from was essential,” Maria says. “They not only helped me with the language...

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“A New Beginning: Pedro’s Journey as a Carpenter in the Netherlands”

Pedro Ruiz, an experienced carpenter from Seville, was looking for new opportunities and found them in the Netherlands. Through, he secured a job in the Dutch construction sector, which offered him new challenges and opportunities. Pedro’s adaptability and craftsmanship helped him make rapid progress. “Working in the Netherlands has greatly improved my skills as a carpenter,” he says. “The techniques and materials are different, providing a great learning opportunity.” He also emphasizes the role of in his success. “Without their help in navigating work...

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“Beyond Borders: Sofia’s Growth in the Transportation Sector”

Sofia Jiménez’s journey from being a bus driver in Madrid to international freight transportation in the Netherlands is a tale of ambition and bravery. With the help of, she found a job that expanded her horizons. “Transitioning to international transportation was a big change,” says Sofia. “I had to learn about new regulations and work cultures, but it was worth it.” played a key role in this transition, by assisting her with the necessary training and certifications. Sofia’s experience highlights the importance of challenging oneself and seizing...

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“A New World in Logistics: Carmen’s Story”

Carmen López from Barcelona found a job in a Dutch logistics center through Her story is about the challenges of working in a multicultural environment and learning new technologies. “Making the move to the Netherlands was a big step, but with the help of, it was a smooth experience,” shares Carmen. “I have learned so much, not just about logistics, but also about collaborating with people from different cultures.

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“From the Assembly Line to Quality Control: Javier’s Progress”

Javier Fernández’s story began on the assembly line in a Dutch factory. His attention to detail and pursuit of efficiency caught the eye, leading to his promotion to a quality control inspector. “The support from was crucial,” says Javier. “They not only helped me find a job but also to understand how I could improve and grow within the company.” His story is a fine example of how dedication and proper guidance can lead to professional growth and success.

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